Hi! I'm Belén Albeza (aka ladybenko) and I'm working as a devrel at Mozilla.

I love front-end and game development, and I talk about it at my blog. When not coding, I like to play Mass Effect, go rollerblading or just have a walk. I'm also an enthusiast FC Barcelona supporter.

In this page you can find all the work I'm doing at Mozilla.

ladybenko at #devrel

Speaking and workshops

If you'd like me to speak at your event on behalf of Mozilla, give me a shout at

HTML5 games workshop
AdaJS (Barcelona), Mar 2017
Building VR experiences with A-Frame
JSDayES (Madrid), May 2017
Smashing meetup (Barcelona), Mar 2017
Web Games Day (Madrid), Mar 2017
An introduction to HTML5 game development
AdaJS (Barcelona), Feb 2017
Samsumg's Mobile Web Progress (Barcelona), Mar 2017
Let's make a game with JavaScript!
Front Fest (Madrid), Feb 2017
You might not need a CSS framework
CSS Craftsmanship (Barcelona), Sep 2016
ViewSource (Berlin), Sep 2016
WordCamp London, Apr 2016
JS Game Development with Phaser
WebProgressions (London), May 2016
University of Minho (Braga), Feb 2016
HTML 5 Spain (Barcelona), Feb 2016
Betabeers (Barcelona), Jan 2016
Surviving game jams
Freakend videojuegos (Madrid), Feb 2016
Less code: simplifying front-end development
Front-End London, Nov 2015

Podcasts and interviews

Colofón podcast #3
Interview about development tools, remote working, etc.
Wecodesign podcast #16
Interview about CSS and HTML good practises.

Articles and tutorials

Long tutorials or guides:

These are the articles I've written for the Mozilla Hacks blog:

HTML 5 game development

I'm writing articles, tutorials and demos about game development in HTML 5 with JavaScript.

Game dev 101
Introductory videos
Retro, crisp pixel-art look with image-rendering
Web Font preloading demos
Live demos
Tiles and tilemaps overview
Static tilemaps implementation
Scrolling tilemaps implementation
3D collision detection
Live demos
3D collision detection with AABB
AABB with Three.js
Metal vs Hipsters (game)
VR bowling (physics demo)
A-frame demos

Web API's

I'm also making demos and articles about shiny Web API's.

Web Animations
Online examples
Online examples
Boo! (photobooth)