Surviving game jams


What is a game jam?

The hardest jam ever

Ludum Dare

Troll face

How to survive this?

Let's define "survive"…


What are you going to use?

Can you deploy your game in the web?

Setup your machine

You don't want to do this when the jam just started!


Don't make plans for the weekend


Idea time

Scope down

Saturday == Coding day

Saturday Night crisis

You are tired, behind schedule, there's so much more work to do, you think you're not going to make it…


Accountabiliy on "Saturday Night crisis"

Ideally, you go to bed with this


Create audio assets

Create graphics

2-frame character animation

Bug fixing and polishing

Delivery time

Tips for both
Saturday and Sunday

Managing stress

Food and drinks

Get encouragement!

  1. Make your game playable on the web
  2. Post screenshots and the URL of your game on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  3. See people play your game! It will cheer you up

After the jam

The goal

Have people play your game!

Brag about what you did

Write a post-mortem

Get people rate your game

Congrats :)

You shipped a game!